Ski tuning services

Winter is pretty long here in Vermont, so we’re adding ski services to expand our menu during the non-bike months.  The shop owner, Ben, has been a skier as long as he’s been a cyclist – having done both since his age was single digits. We hope to bring the same care and attention to your skis that we’ve been providing for your bikes.

We offer complete tuning services, including base grinds for flattening and structure, and sharpening of edges to your liking. Our offerings below are hand-tuning services, all done with top-grade tools.

Alpine services are listed first, with Nordic (cross country) below. Backcountry nordic skis with edges will be tuned as alpine skis if edge maintenance is requested.

Please also review our metal edge notes at the bottom of the page!

Alpine (downhill) services



Nordic (cross country) services



Metal edge note

Metal edge skis can take a lot of abuse, from hitting rocks to damage from terrain park features. If you bring in skis that are primarily used in terrain parks, it is likely the edges will be beyond reasonable repair, especially directly underfoot.

FOR SKIS WITH TERRAIN PARK EDGE DAMAGE, WE WILL NOT RETURN SKIS TO A SHARP EDGE. We will discuss these tunes with the customer, but we will clean up and deburr the edges, look for cracks, and clean up tip and tail edges if these services are requested. 

FOR SKIS WITH ROCK (OR OTHER) ISOLATED EDGE DAMAGE, WE WILL NOT GRIND OUT ALL SIGNS OF DAMAGE. Ski edge materials are only a few millimeters in section, and it is possible to incur edge damage that consumes a considerable amount of that thickness. These damaged areas, usually including only a few centimeters of edge, will still be visible as damaged even though the remainder of the edges have been sharpened. We believe that removing the amount of  edge material required to get a perfect-appearing edge will compromise the ski’s integrity.